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The founder of the Sin-Nan Sugar Factory is Mr. Liang Yang, who is a pioneer of the filed of brown sugar in Taiwan. In 1930, Taiwan under Japanese, he set up the Long-Tan Sugar refining association in Long-Tan and started to manufacture brown sugar. Moreover, within a year in 1952, he also established Sin-Sheng Sugar Factory LTD. in Sin-Zhu and Sin-Nan Sugar Factory LTD. in Nah-Hua, Tainan County. Until 1957, he purchased Sin-Gao Sugar Factory LTD. in Pu-Li, Nan-Tou around amount to four sugar factory. His sun, Mr. Si-Tong Yang, who keeps social experience of many years and goal of management of his father to administer the company.

Sin-Nan Sugar Factory LTD. established in 1st of July, 1952, over 50 years up to now. The location of factory is situated at No.43, Jhongkeng Village, Nahhua Shiang, Tainan County, Taiwan (R.O.C.). The main items of business are to produce and sell brow sugar and crystal sugar. In the initial market of establishing, the brown sugar was the main products of the company; domestic and foreign market occupied each half, and Japan was a target in the foreign market, the market is focused on Taiwan totally until recent year.




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