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  Wild Space

Wild Space is an exciting exhibition that investigates what we mean by the word 'biodiversity'. By looking at different species and the habitats in which they live we can see how vital they are to the well-being of the planet. Wild Space is a 'hands on' exhibition that brings you up close to the amazing world of nature. Visitors can travel through the Antarctic and the Arctic, marvel at our undersea life, take a trip to the African savannah, stroll through the rainforest and finish in the parched desert. Discover the miniature world of insects under video microscopes; explore tunnels that provide a glimpse of life underground and come face-to-face with live insects and spiders that bring the exhibition 'alive'. Wild Space is interactive, hands-on, exciting and fun - an exhibition that allows the body as well as the imagination to 'run wild'.

  The Mightily Dinosaurs

Walk in the footprints of giants and discover the awesome power of these fascinating creatures and their sea going cousins the plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs. Watch out for the mighty Rutland Dinosaur and the 'Barrow Kipper'. More..3D Model.


  Leicestershire's Rocks

Leicestershire stands over rocks of many different ages and types, some of which are 600 million years old. Discover Leicestershire's rocks and explore a wide variety of fossils and minerals of wondrous colours and qualities.




  Ancient Egyptians

Step back in time and explore a civilisation that has lasted for 3,000 years. Come face to face with ancient Egyptians and find out how they lived and died. Mummies, coffins, gods and treasures greet you in the darkened corners of the tunnels. Interactive displays let you guide your discoveries.


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